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La Maison de Paille

La Maison de Paille, also known as "The Straw House", is located in the scenic Clos du Doubs, in the Swiss Jura. Established about 20 years ago by Jacques Froidevaux, it follows eco-construction principles using local materials like earth, straw, and wood.

La Maison de Paille is constantly evolving, fostering a space for retreats, seminars and cultural events The Straw House emphasizes mutual enrichment through reciprocal human exchanges, openheartedness and healing through natural human interaction.

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The venue has a large dormitory, where we will sleep with the children and several double rooms for parents, a large hall, an interior lounge, and a large terrace. The whole venue and surrounding space will be available to the Tribe of Smiles.

Epiquerez is in between the small towns of Saint-Ursanne and Soubey.

The closest cities are:

Basilea or Neuchâtel in one hour by car,

Bern in one hour and a half,

Zurich and Lausanne in two hours by car

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