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About the Team

Elisa and Martina became friends in high school and have stayed close ever since. They've travelled to many countries and share the same dream.

Now, they're excited to work together to make their dream come true. They want to send a message to kids and teenagers, who are the future of our world.
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Elisa, 28, from Torino, Italy, is dedicated to sharing global experiences and knowledge.

Focused on fostering a better future, Elisa emphasizes the crucial role of educating and nurturing children.

Elisa's expertise spans holistic wellness, incorporating massage, herbalism, nutrition, emotional support, and yoga.

Passionate about music, she engages in sound therapy with Tibetan bowls, conducting meditations for all ages.

Trained in Montessori education and Cornell's pedagogical vision, Elisa supports children's growth, encouraging free expression.



Martina, 28, from Turin, Italy, began her world travels at 18 and has continued ever since. She studied translation in Italy and earned a Master's in event planning and business tourism in Madrid.

Martina spent a decade volunteering and working in diverse cultural settings, including projects for children in Cuba, an alternative school in Mexico, teaching English in schools in Italy and is currently teaching in Vietnam.

With her recent training in the Montessori education method, Martina aims to help children reconnect with nature and express their true selves.

Martina's approach emphasizes activities and games that promote exploration and understanding of the natural world, inspired by the educational philosophy of Joseph Cornell, fostering harmony with nature in a technologically dominated era.

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