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Holistic Fun

Our program is carefully designed to provide an engaging, educational, and enriching experience for children aged 7 to 14. 


Through hands-on activities, exploration, and community engagement, participants will gain a deeper understanding of nature, themselves, and their potential, while developing a strong sense of belonging and appreciation for the world around them.

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Our 8-day summer camp is designed to immerse children in a transformative experience centred around the five elements:

connected to the five senses:

every day we will work on one element and one sense

Activities & Workshops
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Nature scavenger hunt & nature art

Promote outdoor creativity with natural materials like sticks, leaves, flowers, and rocks. Make a scavenger hunt list including pinecones, leaves, and wildlife for kids to find and explore.

Yoga Dance 

The kids will begin to use yoga as a therapy or as a tool to deal with things they find difficult in life, such as anxiety, managing difficult emotions and even treating illnesses. Children who play different

sports will also join yoga at this age to gain more flexibility and strength.

With fun music and moves, children can express themselves and relax. It's a cool way for kids to stay healthy and feel good about themselves.

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Bird and cloud watching 

Embark on a sky adventure with bird and cloud watching! Grab binoculars and head outdoors to spot birds soaring above and clouds drifting by. Marvel at their beauty and let your imagination soar as you observe nature's wonders together. 

Night Orientation 

Equipped with flashlights, kids will observe nocturnal creatures and discover constellations.

Learn to orient yourself with a compass, it will be fun and useful! This hands-on experience fosters a deeper connection with nature and sparks curiosity about the mysteries of the night.

children watching stars in the mountains
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Bug hunt

Use magnifying glasses to look for insects and other small creatures, and teach children about their habitats and behaviours.

Looking for animal traces, observing the traces of footprints and signs of passage, to guess which animal it is.

Nature sensory exploration

Encourage kids to touch, smell, and listen to different elements of nature, such as the texture of tree bark, the scent of flowers, or the sound of running water.

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Explore the place, the vegetables and fruits that grow and try together to take care of the plants. Laboratory to try to sow together, learn the important elements necessary for the growth of the plant.

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Our main goals are to foster multisensory exploration, recognize individual talents in line with personal inclinations, and cultivate learning through experimentation, creativity, and movement while improving the English language.

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