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A Gorgeous Holiday

The Tribe of Smiles summer camp is a holiday for the whole family!

We take care of your children whilst the adults are free to enjoy the wonderful Jura region in Switzerland during the day. Parents are free to enjoy the holiday, relax in nature, visit cities, museums, and different Swiss attractions.

Things to do in the Jura Region

Epiquerez is a village in the canton of Jura, Switzerland, known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities. Very close to Saint-Ursanne and to Soubey, where the Doubs River flows. It is located near the Franches-Montagnes.


Here are some activities you can enjoy during the day near Epiquerez:

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Explore the picturesque Franches-montagnes with numerous hiking trails offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

There is a walk along the Doubs River, between Soubey and Saint-ursanne. At various points, you can bathe in these waters. It is ideal to spend a day walking and recharging in a wonderful nature.

A little further, there is the Gorges de Court or the Gorges du l'Orbe. Hiking trail is particularly popular, offering breathtaking views of cliffs, waterfalls, and lush greenery


Rent a bike and cycle around the Franches-Montagnes through its scenic countryside, following well-marked cycling paths that wind through quaint villages, rolling hills, and peaceful forests.

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Horseback riding

Enjoy a leisurely horseback ride through the scenic countryside, taking in the beauty of the Franches-Montagnes from a different perspective.

Wine tasting

Discover the local wines of the Jura region by visiting nearby vineyards and wineries. Sample a variety of wines, including the famous Vin Jaune (yellow wine), and learn about the winemaking process.

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A day trip on the steam train 

Discover the Franches-Montagnes under a new face. Far from the stress, come and enjoy the fullness of a trip out of time by steam train, admire the landscapes and live a unique experience.

Cultural exploration

Visit nearby towns and villages such as St-Ursanne to explore this charming medieval town, historic landmarks, and cultural attractions, and you can visit the interesting and amazing crypt!

There is also the town of Neuchatel on the lake shore. Romantic walk near the water. It is possible to visit the castle, the botanic garden, the museum of history and art. 
On the other side of the lake, the tow
n of

Yverdons-les-bains, for enjoying its thermal center and spa. There are beautiful things to see and do, both from a cultural and natural heritage perspective.

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Picnic in nature

Pack a picnic and head to one of the many scenic spots in the area, such as along the Doubs River or in one of the local parks, for a relaxing outdoor meal surrounded by nature.

Wildlife watching

Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as deer, foxes, and various bird species while exploring the countryside or hiking in the mountains.

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These are just a few ideas to help you make the most of your time in the Epiquerez area.


Enjoy your visit to this beautiful part of Switzerland!

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